World Class Injury Care.

You have options for a pain free future.

We are experienced in serving auto and personal injury accident victims. Our physicians’ specialties and sub-specialties are particularly suited to these types of catastrophic injuries, and the recovery and rehabilitation they require. We deliver world-class injury care.

Acute and chronic pain is associated with tremendous psychological stress, and stress can increase your pain along with its unpleasant cousin, anxiety. That’s why we begin your treatment with a comprehensive discussion about your pain and your options for effective, long-term pain management.

It is expected for all of us to fear severe illness or disability. By understanding your pain and its causes, your anxiety will ease. We may not have all the answers for you by the end of your first visit, but we’ll always be straightforward about what we know about your condition and what we see as your prognosis.

We intend our recommendations to reduce the emotional distress that most pain patients experience. You may feel helplessness, stress, and anger. That’s not unusual. We’ll work through these feelings together. We’re doctors and caregivers who’ve spent our careers learning and understanding pain. Let us help you like we’ve helped many other people who suffer acute and chronic pain.