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Dr. Jonn McClellan explaining radiography

RevitaSpine® Overview


The thought of believing that having a healthy spine is essential to a healthy lifestyle is commonly neglected. More than 80% of the population suffers from back pain once in their lives and spend at least $50 billion dollars each year on treatment alone. Another startling fact is that overdose from opioids has quadrupled and accounted for approximately thirty-three thousand deaths each year! Your spine serves as the center of your body, connecting you from your neck to your tailbone. Your spine is an integral part of your health and it is the key to having optimal health in every stage of your life. With medical scientist trying to find new and less invasive ways of treating back pain, RevitaSpine ® could finally deliver relief to millions of suffers! RevitaSpine ® is a three-step process to help promote spinal health and reduce back pain. If you suffer from back pain, you may be a candidate for RevitaSpine ® and finally enjoy the wonders of having a pain-free life!

WHAT IS RevitaSpine ®?

The RevitaSpine ® procedure is a powerful three-step process where the spine is treated with state of the art therapies and a proprietary combination of Prolozone®, Platelet Rich Plasma (PrP) and Stem Cells injected into herniated/bulging and damaged disc(s) in order to relieve back pain. In a study of 119 patients with low back pain, there has been a significant reduction in low back pain at 6 weeks (1). Prozolone therapy utilizes ozone gas and other therapeutic substances to promote healing and eliminate pain in injured soft tissue and joints. Platelet-rich plasma (PrP), is a safe treatment. In a study, 29 participants who underwent PrP injections for low back pain found improvements in pain and function through two years. And now with the advances in Regenerative Medicine Stem Cells can be used to heal tissues previously thought to be impossible to healed. Unlike other invasive treatments, RevitaSpine ® is designed to deliver natural, and safe back pain relief so you can experience optimal health and go about your pain-free day’s journey! (2)

RevitaSpine ® Procedure

Step 1
Suffering from back pain can be very troublesome to your daily life. Concentrating on daily task becomes difficult because you are focusing on solutions to increase relief from back pain. RevitaSpine ® is a three-step process for patients suffering from back pain due to bulging/herniated or degenerated disc(s). The first step requires shrinking the disc herniation with non-surgical spinal decompression therapy, which is a more advanced version of traction that gently stretches the spine. This reduces the size of the herniated material and the disc material compressing the nerve is pulled back into the disc. In a degenerated spinal disc spinal decompression can ‘open’ the space that has been too compressed to heal. Spinal decompression therapy also restores nutrients, oxygen and hydration the spine needs to heal and return to normal (6).

Step 2
After the reduction of the herniated disc, the second step consists of sealing the outer disc layer using prozolone injection therapy, blended with ozone gas, vitamins, minerals and collagen-producing substances helping to promote the reconstruction of weakened or damaged connective tissue inside and around the disc. Injection reduces inflammation, swelling, and increases circulation (7). Double-blind randomized-controlled studies have also documented the therapeutic effects of prozolone in the treatment of low back pain with and without sciatica. In another study, patients with lumbar disc herniation were treated with an intramuscular oxygen-ozone injection. They observed that 61% of the patients became pain-free compared with 33% of the control group (8). Once repairing connective tissue, this may help to relieve back pain and prepares the spine for the last step (9).

Step 3
The last step in RevitaSpine ® utilizes a combination of stem cells and platelet-rich-plasma (PrP) injected into the spinal disc. The goal of the step is to restore tissue and allow true healing to take place. Stem cells are primitive cells that can grow to become specific tissue needed in the area of injured tissue. Usually, the patient’s own stem cells are collected from bone marrow or can be harvested from amniotic fluid, and transferred back into the patient to repair injured areas. Platelet-rich plasma (PrP), is a technique that involves injecting the patient’s own plasma into injured areas of the spine to promote healing and repair. The platelet-rich plasma injection contains powerful healing growth factors. These growth factors, in PrP, are similar to stem cells. Injection of platelet-rich plasma is thought to form new fibers and blood vessels, repair and strengthen damaged tissue or ligaments to help tighten and to speed up recovery and healing of back pain (10).

That’s not all that platelet-rich plasma can do. When platelet-rich plasma combines with stem cells, this combination acts as a signal caller for stem cells to activate the healing response, reducing inflammation and help regenerate cells in the joint space in order for joints to revert back to a healthy state (11,12). What a powerful combination!


RevitaSpine ® serves to help treat the following contributors to back pain (6):

Degenerative disk disease or bulging or herniated disk
Diseased or injured spinal nerve roots
Worn spinal joints.
Weak ligaments and tendons
Injuries due to exercise or sports
Injuries due to heavy-lifting
Sacroiliac problems


Now, you know all the benefits RevitaSpine ® delivers and you just can’t wait to book an appointment. However, you might be asking “Is it safe?”. Under a trained professional, RevitaSpine ® is comfortable, minimally invasive, and safe. The goal of the experienced healthcare staff who utilize ReviaSpine ® is committed to providing advanced therapies including decompression therapy, prolozone, and PrP/and or stem cells to help you live a pain-free and happy life! RevitaSpine ® is designed to provide natural and safe pain relief so you can benefit from improved overall health for years to come!

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