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Anti Aging Therapies

Years of harsh lifestyle practices and unprotected sun exposure can deplete many of the crucial nutrients in your skin and organs, leading to premature aging. The anti-aging industry is saturated with all sorts of expensive skin care products, surgical procedures, and tips for different purposes, overwhelming the consumer. Are you looking for easily understood and affordable approaches to looking and feeling youthful for years to come? IV Ozone and nutraceutical therapies may be the solution for you to achieving your beauty goals inside and out!

What are IV Nutritional and Ozone Therapies?

Nutritional therapy is a method of delivering amino acids, minerals, and vitamins into the bloodstream. A small catheter is placed into a vein so these nutrients can be delivered into your body as you sit in a clean and bright room with comfy chairs (1,2). These nutrients bypass the stomach and go directly to your vital organs. Levels in the body are restored and making you feel and look younger faster than as if you were to take supplements or apply a facial cream! Rejuvenation that comes from a tiny needle makes this experience positive, laying a foundation for a long-term, healthy journey (2)!

Ozone therapy is used as a tool for reducing the effects of aging by increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream. It works by stimulating the production of enzymes that release and bind oxygen from red blood cells, allowing more oxygen to be available to cells. As your tissues are soaking up extra oxygen, you began to look healthier and feel revitalized. Oxygen boost your immune system and supports the blood and liver to detoxify deadly toxins which are known to steal vital nutrients from your body and expediting the aging process (3).

Achieve your Anti-Aging Goals with IV Nutritional and Ozone Therapies!

IV nutritional and ozone therapies are popular and effective anti-aging treatments used by celebrities and anyone wanting to combat or reduce the harsh signs of aging. Nutritional IV therapy contains a high-dose of the top antioxidant glutathione as well as vitamin C, B vitamins, and magnesium to improve the appearance of hair, nails, and skin and to helps detoxify the body from the body’s aging enemy, free radicals (4). Ozone therapy is administered intravenously and takes around 15-60 minutes per treatment session. Ozone creates an unfavorable environment so bacteria and fungi are unable to thrive but a favorable environment for the rejuvenation of tissues (4). Nutritional and ozone therapy, when used via intravenously causes many anti-aging reactions, which include (5,6):

Ozone improves oxygenation of tissues
Flexible red blood cells that can more easily travel through tour smallest blood vessels
Stimulates growth factors
Decrease inflammation
Enhance detoxification
Faster wound-healing
Increased antioxidant enzyme activity
General anti-aging benefits

These rejuvenating treatments are usually delivered in 60 minutes or less, giving your body a quick refreshment to help stop aging in its tracks!


The question that’s pondering everyone’s mind is whether these two treatments are safe. IV nutritional therapy is very effective and generally safe when administered by a trained practitioner. Majority of patients can tolerate most IV nutritional therapies. However, there certain medical conditions were IV nutritional therapy is contraindicated (7). An individual may have an allergy to a nutrient and therefore should not receive infusions containing that nutrient. Lastly, those diagnosed with G6PD deficiency can’t receive IV Vitamin C (8).

Ozone therapy is safe when done correctly. Ozone therapy has been utilized and studied heavily for centuries, with its effects being proven to be safe with minimal side effects. Under the strict supervision of an expert, ozone therapy will not only help in preventing and treating various conditions but can be a powerful boost to your overall health!

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